Raising Children In An Age Of Instant Gratification

Most parents these days are concerned about the effects that technology will have their children. Electronic producers are targeting their products to younger and younger audiences, so that children are more accustomed to interacting with their electronic gadgets such as phones, ipods, computers, and video games, and less likely to interact with one another. Is there a reason to be concerned about this electronic preoccupation, and can anything be done about it?

In a book by Dr. Osit entitled Generation Text, the author explains that the combination of technology interactions and immediate gratification is challenging todays teens for developing a misguided and distorted self-image, work ethic, a surprising sense of entitlement, tendencies toward aggression, and generally just underdeveloped social skills. It seems clear, then, that it behooves parents to take an interest in the amount of interaction their children are having with technology.

Recent statistics have shown that the average spends more than half of their time in play in front of some sort of screen. The end result is that they are not as connected to their families. The following are some reasons why this should raise flags in the mind of parents.

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Kate Winslet Controversial Magazine Covers

Winslet was born in Reading, England to a theatrical family, which from an early age inspired Winslet to pursue acting. As a teenager Winslet struggled with her weight.

In 1994 Winslet left school and appeared in various British stage productions and made her feature film debut in director Peter Jackson’s acclaimed film Heavenly Creatures. “Her intensity,” Jackson told Entertainment Weekly magazine, “made everybody else auditioning for the part pale in comparison.”

The next year at age 20 Winslet co-starred with British actress Emma Thompson in Ang Lee’s adaptation of the Jane Austen classic, Sense and Sensibility. Variety magazine called Winslet “outstanding as the high-flying romantic who gets her wings burned” and praised the film as “almost too much of a good thing.” Winslet earned her first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress and continued to appear in period pieces, like Hamlet and Jude in the coming years. The following year, People magazine named her one of the 50 Most Beautiful People.

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Effect Of Celebrity Dresses On Young Generation

In order to get good compliments, certain people start to imitate the celebrity dresses. They want to have same attitude and the behaviour as that of celebrity and it all around changes their perception. Sometimes people are so influential towards the celebrity dresses that they even can compromise on the basic necessities of life and switch themselves towards the greater level of the luxurious items. The dresses of the celebrity along with their shoes are being observed. Young generation is more interested and inclined towards the celebrity dresses as they are in the phase of experimenting. They try that whether one dress would look good or else they could imitate the dress of the eithercelebrity.

The flexibility level of the youngsters keep on changing due to craze of looking good as they keep on changing the dress fabric and pattern until it is finally being opted by them. Those individuals who are fan of celebrities, theyopt the fashion and imitate the celebrity dresses, no matter it is looking good on them or not. In such case they are not even influenced by their own preferences and interest. The choice of the youngsters and teenagers is defined by the celebrities in such situation. Theydo not have own pattern of fashion and lifestyle as it is all together dependent on the celebrity dresses.

On the other hand, celebrity needs to understand his/her responsibility in regard to the norms and values of the society. They must not wear such dresses which are against the accepted norms and values of the certain country as in such case people would get opposed to the celebrity and his/her dress.

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A Simple Time Management Tips For Teens

As teenagers start to have a more active social life and their classes become more complex, not to mention, working part-time jobs and doing house chores, time management for teens becomes a necessary skill.

With a mountain of things to do, time management for teens can be difficult. The best way to start is to set priorities straight. Look at the tasks that needs to be accomplished and identify which has to be done first, perhaps based on which deadline is nearest or which is more urgent. Give more priority to projects or tasks that will take the longest to finish or those that are the most difficult.

Oftentimes, just looking at the activities you have for the day you can easily decide which should be a priority but this would often require maturity and honesty. For example, priority tasks include doing homework but just hanging out a friends house is not although this activity is important to most, if not all, teens so being honest in prioritizing is crucial in time management for teens.

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Deal With Your Teenager Child Breakup As a Good Parent

Deal with teenage breakups as a good parent and try to understand what problems your child has faced. If your children are teenagers and young, then likely you will get a lot of headaches and tensions. Do not be subtle, be strong and smart. Try to find the solution because breakup problems are inevitable and are linked with all parents in the world who have young growing up children. When your child comes to you and willing to share with you about their relationship problem, then you have to listen to him or her by explaining various pros and cons of the relationship.

As you know, young teenage is an age where emotions emerge from every corner of mind and heart. Young people are very aggressive and they need support or else they might adopt negative ways. Many children often indulge in drugs, alcohol or other negative fields. You may have read about some teenagers even slash their wrists after they break up with their partners. For some who do not know how to handle a breakup may end up thinking of ending their lives.

Now, it is important that you help your child through their difficult time when they are dealing breakup as a good parent because you had gone through that stage in life. You have to give immense emotional support to your child. It is in your hands to handle the situation and help your child reorganize his or her life once more. You can follow the following ways to deal with this common situation:

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